My name's Sheridan, I'm a foodaholic who likes beer.

Hey-yo! I’m Sheridan Ferguson and I’m the designer behind Sheridan Eveline. I’m an independent freelance designer and illustrator based in Brisbane, and when I’m not devouring a burger and downing an ice-cold pint, I’m drawing myself doing just that. Yes, at the same time. #girlgotskill

Meeting new people at parties: “Yeah, but like, what do you DO?”

I create playful, spontaneous, and humorous content, appealing to those who are passionate (dare I say, “obsessed”) with food and drink. Burgers, beers, coffee, donuts, champagne, chocolate, carrots, meat pies, cocktails, cake, hotdogs … we all of our weaknesses or our “go-to” indulges.

The purpose of my art is to make people feel good, smile and lighten the mood. I create for the community who like to have a dang good time and remind people to not take life too seriously – live it to the fullest yo; laughing all the way!

  • What is my style?

    Mum describes my style as “modern, stylish, energetic art that effortlessly, yet boldly promotes the emotional hype around celebrating and indulging in great food and drink”. (She’s an ex art teacher, so this is a totally valid review.)

    I prefer to use a limited monochromatic palette, chiefly featuring intimate black line-work. That way the viewer can build their own connection with the content of the work. Sometimes, I twist my own rules and sneak in some colour. It depends on my mood, and how many coffee’s I’ve had that day. Or if a client has requested it.

  • Who is my work for?

    I am dedicated to bringing art to the everyday; offering a curated mix of on trend art for both men and woman.

    With a cheeky, but aesthetically-driven approach, I design and produce artwork that is great for gifting; or to keep all to yourself to decorate a small space, your apartment, home, office desk, studio, share-house or man-cave. Hang a giant drawing of a burger on your living room wall and subtly let everyone know what you’ll be ordering from Uber eats without even speaking.

  • The random way I do my thing.

    I can’t create in silence. Just can’t. I’ve found I create my best work when I’ve got my headphones on, volume obnoxiously loud and am sprawled across a couch in aircon, with my cat resting on the armrest beside me. And fun fact, my lines are actually guided by the music I’m listening to! For example, if I’m listening to acoustics, my lines will be longer, more fluid and gentler. Though, if I’ve got rock blasting into my eardrums, my lines will be shorter, scratchy, and visually jumping to the fast-paced beat. I know it’s random, but it’s how I get into the zone, and I feel so dang good when I’m on that level. See if you can pick the subtle differences in my work!

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What’s my creative working history?

Art director for an Internationally recognised raw pet food company (8 years).

Founder and designer for a quirky Brisbane handmade bow tie business, celebrating sustainable trade (Brissie band Sheppard wore one of my designs down the red carpet of the Aria’s #woo).

Senior graphic designer for a Brisbane creative agency (5 years).

Senior graphic designer and consultant for an Australian wedding stationery boutique making friends with bridezilla’s (2 years).

My parents’ golden child. ** Still current.

The top 9 most important things to know about me?

  1. My favourite three activities in the world are: eating, drinking beer and hugging my cat.
  2. I have a cat named Burger (and he’s cuter than all the babies in the world and funnier than Carl Barron).
  3. On a serious note, I’m working through an eating disorder. My art is helping me through that in more powerful ways than I could have ever expected!
  4. I applied for the Bachelor and got through to interview round, based off an application focused entirely around my clear love of food more than any other human being. (Note, I only wanted to get on the show for the free gourmet picnics, fine dining, cocktail parties and helicopter rides).
  5. I was a creative kid; constantly drawing and imagining myself as a designer, architect, wedding planner or fashion designer.
  6. I’m an “over” type of person. I over-eat, over-think, over-sleep, over-complicate, over-whelm and over-indulge.
  7. There are only three songs that I’ll agree to Karaoke to: 1. “Nothing too serious” (Icehouse) 2. “Bad to the bone” (George Thoroughgood & The Destroyers) and 3. “Backstreet’s back” (Backstreet Boys).
  8. Mum once told me “Sheridan” meant wild savage. I’ll let you decide if she’s right or she fibbed.
  9. I interviewed for a graphic design job at a burger place, with a portfolio dedicated entirely to burger sketches. I got the job, but turned it down as I felt like that would literally be feeding my obsession.
  • What other titles do I go under (that didn’t make the cut for the business card)?

    Independent artist, freelance graphic designer and illustrator, creator, art director, stylist, professional beverage consumer, overqualified burger devourer.

  • Have I worked with anyone cool?

    I’ve featured at David Jones Sydney, appeared in Fashion Journal Magazine, illustrated for Flight Centre and Sofar Sounds, been lead designer for Big Dog Pet Foods AND am illustrator for Spicy Baboon.

  • Did I study?

    I’ve got a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design (Queensland College of Art). Class of 2009 represent!

  • What are my biggest fears?

    Being bored, being boring to others, reptiles and scary movies.

A quick love note to Ma & Pa Fergo.

Firstly Mum, thanks for being such an epic cook, and always feeding me MasterChef equivalent meals and treats (it’s your fault I eat like the chub kid from Matilda). And Dad, thank you for always driving Mum to the shops to pick up the ingredients for her to cook said meals (you’re the REAL enabler in this fairytale). I love you both <3 xx