5 things to know about me:

  1. My favourite three activities in the world are: eating, drinking beer and hugging my cat, Burger.
  2. I was a creative kid; constantly drawing and imagining myself as a designer, architect, wedding planner or fashion designer.
  3. I’m an “over” type of person. I over-eat, over-think, over-sleep, over-complicate, over-whelm, over-indulge and love overalls.
  4. There are only three songs that I’ll agree to Karaoke to: 1. “Nothing too serious” (Icehouse) 2. “Bad to the bone” (George Thoroughgood & The Destroyers) and 3. “Backstreet’s back” (Backstreet Boys).
  5. Mum once told me “Sheridan” meant wild savage. I’ll let you decide if she’s right or she fibbed.