Custom Illustration - Digital Download
Custom Illustration - Digital Download
Custom Illustration - Digital Download
Custom Illustration - Digital Download
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Custom Illustration - Digital Download
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Custom Illustration - Digital Download
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Custom Illustration - Digital Download

Custom Illustration - Digital Download

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Please read ALL information on this page before placing a custom illustration order. It’s not scary, promise. It’s just important stuff I want you to know.


About Digital Downloads

  • You will receive a high-resolution downloadable digital file of your custom illustration, as well as a signed digital Certificate of Authenticity via email.

  • A digital download does not include any printed material from Sheridan Eveline. You must select Traditional Print to receive a printed and delivered version of your custom illustration.

The process.

  • Once you’ve placed your order, email me 3 x high resolution photos that you’d be interested in having illustrated. Indicate your top pick, and any other necessary information (for instance, if this will be needed in time for a special event).

  • If you choose a colour finish, let me know what colouring you had in mind? For example, I can do an artist’s impression to match the original photograph. Alternatively, you’re welcome to send through either a written or image reference of your desired colours. 

  • Illustration work will commence once: the quote is approved, full payment has been received, and the photo to illustrate has been agreed upon.

  • Full upfront payment secures you a spot in my calendar.

  • Black and white pricing includes 1 round of changes, should there be anything you want tweaked.

  • Colour pricing includes 2 rounds of changes, should there be anything you want tweaked.

  • Additional changes would be charged at $110 per hour and will be invoiced upon final client approval of the artwork. The additional invoice must be paid and received before I can either email your Digital Download or print and post your Traditional Print.

  • If you choose a colour finish, I will show a progress shot after the black and white line work component has been completed. Once the black and white line work has been approved, I can commence the colouring.

Sizing and orientation.

Custom order illustrations are available in A4 or A3 and landscape or portrait (all options are the same price). You will select your preferred size and orientation when placing your order.

Do you need extras or a different size?

Are you after extras added to your custom illustration (Eg. text, formatting in a certain way, a different finish size, or the incorporation of other graphics)? These extras lend themselves to graphic design services. And guess what? I can do that too!! Before placing an order, just email me directly with exactly what you’re wanting to do (the more detail the better, I’m not afraid of a bit of reading). And I can quote you accordingly. 


What type of photos do I illustrate?

People typically supply me with photos of their favourite drinks (cocktails, beers, champagne or wine labels), beautiful food (extravagant cakes, fruits, vegetables, burgers), fun photos of their loved ones or friends, their homes, flowers, shoes, or fashion looks they froth over, to convert into a styled illustration for them.

Feel free to check out my Instagram for inspiration or ideas of images to get custom illustrated.

Photo content and quality.

Not all photos are suitable for me to convert into my illustration style. So please send through your ideal photo, as well as a back-up or two in-case the preferred image is a no-go. I’ll let you know! The photos that work best are the ones that have a bit going on with them. For example, photos with bulk props, or busy patterned attire, jewellery, fun hairstyles, wearing accessories, fun body stances, and so on.

Why are some photos not suitable?

If there is not enough detail in the original photo, my trademark line style unfortunately will struggle to deliver the best result that it can. Therefore, censoring the photo from the beginning is just me protecting you and making sure that the end result will be something you can love and treasure forever!

Some rules for the photos you supply to me.

  • You are more than welcome to supply me with google images, photos you’ve found in magazines, or photos you’ve taken yourself. Nonetheless, please let me know what original source the image is from just for copyright awareness.

  • A reminder that Sheridan Eveline custom illustration orders are for personal use only. Therefore, if you ARE requesting to have an illustration created from someone’s else’s photographic work, you under no circumstances are to use the final work for anything other than for personal use; otherwise you are breaching copyright and ownership laws.

  • If it is a photo of yourself, taken purposefully by a professional photographer, you will need to seek written approval from your photographer that the image may be used as a prompt for a custom drawing created by an illustrator. Let them know that the illustration is for personal use only; otherwise they may charge you royalty or usage fees. 

How long does it take for me to create a custom illustration?

It varies from request to request, but my typical turn-around time is anywhere from 1 week to a month depending on the size, scope of work and specific finish requirements. These suggested turn-around time-frames are inclusive of print, packaging and postage times. Please note that timing is also dependent on how quickly customers supply their photos, feedback, final design approval, payment and delivery details throughout the ordering processes.

Custom order illustrations are only available for personal use.

Personal use means that the illustration is not licensed for mass production, resale or digital use on websites or logos; and must not be used for business branding or marketing (inclusive of influencers and sole traders). If you are interested in having unique Sheridan Eveline illustrations created or commissioned for your brand or business, jump on over to my Creative Services page for more info, or email me directly at

Custom illustration order terms and conditions.

Any custom illustration orders created by Sheridan Eveline remain the property of Sheridan Eveline. Thus meaning Sheridan Eveline is free to promote and share the illustration (be it in part, process or final version) across any media form for portfolio or social media promotional purposes. By entering into a custom illustration order transaction with Sheridan Eveline, you are automatically granting Sheridan Eveline the right to use both your original photo and any visual part of the illustration process in Sheridan Eveline marketing. If you would prefer Sheridan Eveline to not use your photo and/ or custom illustration in marketing, please email as soon as possible after entering into a custom order transaction.