How do I help brands?

I work with brands to bring visual story, personality and feeling to their purpose; to ultimately appeal to their audience. I share my signature black and white art and line illustration styles with brands in the form of surface pattern design, custom illustration, licensed artwork, creative design (brand identity, packaging, editorial and advertisement art) and collaboration.

My clients have an appreciation of creativity. There is a desire for it to be present in their identity to inspire their customers to live a life of celebration, playfulness, adventure, curiosity and to embrace the now. I work with feel-good, purpose-led brands across an array of industries: food, drink and hospitality, health and wellbeing, home and lifestyle, tourism and events, fashion and textiles, and eco-conscious.

Let’s work together!

If you’re interested in injecting some emotive black and white creative into your brand to powerfully connect with your audience, I’m here for it! Throw a line into my inbox and let’s get chatting.