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Sheridan Eveline - Gift Card

Sheridan Eveline - Gift Card

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Does gift-giving freak you out? I hear you! You have the best of intentions, but still end up gifting something super lame, right? Yeah, same #doh

Well it's time to turn that around! How's about a Sheridan Eveline Gift Card - where your recipient can pick some cheeky, modern art that's been created by a professional Australian Illustrator! (Sounds fancy doesn't it!)

How do gift cards work?

  • Gift Cards may be used on to purchase¬†any¬†Sheridan Eveline¬†product, print¬†or custom illustration.
  • Gift Cards are digital (ie, no physical Gift Card will be sent).
  • Once you've purchased¬†your digital Gift Card, a special code will be generated and sent to you via email. The¬†Gift Card recipient can then use this code at checkout when purchasing.
  • Gift Cards expire 3 years after the purchase date.
  • Purchased Gift Cards can be added to Apple Wallet on iOS devices¬†#howgood


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