Creative Services

If you like beer, you’ll know I’m the designer to go to for a quirky, but stylish and quality beer print. If you’re passionate about cheap Tuesday discounts, I am the designer that’s already created a meme that understands and shares in your enthusiasm. If you own a burger joint and need some killer illustrations and menu designs to help express your brand and excite your target market, you should be utilizing my creative design services.

My clients are generally (but not limited to) businesses, brands or individuals that are either directly within or affiliated with the food, drink and fashion industries; needing illustration and/ or creative services. With my distinct style, I create high-end, on trend, cutting edge, yet professional design work that brings brands to life.

My clients.

  • Food and drink brands.

  • Bars, pubs, breweries, restaurants, cafes, health food stores, food trucks, food precincts and markets, grocery retailers and takeaway venues.

  • Food and drink festivals and events.

  • Cooks, celebrity chefs, foodie experts and influencers.

  • Food and drink editorial and magazines.

My creative services.

  • Commissioned illustration and art (Eg. in my unique black and white, digital line art style).

  • Commercial illustration (Eg. editorial, campaign, or product advertising).

  • Brand packaging design, featuring illustration (Eg. food and drink packaging, gift box packaging, DIY kit packaging).

  • Brand stationery, collateral and POS design, featuring illustration (Eg. flyers, posters, business cards, letterheads, with comps, postcards).

  • Event branding, featuring illustration (Eg. invitations, menus, signage, posters, advertising).

  • Website illustration (Eg. icons, banner images, blog graphics, digital sets).

  • Social media illustration (Eg. Instagram highlight icons, social media posts, profile pictures).

My experience.

Visual communication designer, illustrator, marketer and art director with 12 years industry experience; within agency, in-house and freelance environments. Small handmade business owner with 4 years industry experience; vending across digital platforms, eCommerce, wholesale, market stalls and custom orders. 

Quoting, pricing and packages.

If you’re interested in pricing for any of the above creative services, shoot me an email with your project details and/ or a completed creative brief questionnaire (details below). I’d love to prepare a quote for you!

Creative brief questionnaire.

Sometimes it’s hard to express what you want. Like, when I’m hangry, it’s virtually impossible for me to decide what I want to eat. So, I go to Subers (aka Subway). Their mini, segmented questionnaire of ingredient offerings works wonders in not only calming my hangriness, but cleverly works towards the creation of my dream feed. #AFedWomanIsAHappyWoman

The same goes for any creative project. You know roughly what you want, but to effectively get someone to craft your business sandwich, they need to know what ingredients they are allowed to put on your bread. To give me a better understanding of your brand, your mission and the specifics of your project, complete and return this creative brief questionnaire (only complete the relevant information to you).

If you’re on the hunt for a professional designer or illustrator for a particular business project or to help strengthen your brand presence, I’d love to chat! Email me STAT yo!