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Beer Nuts - Papier-mâché Dish

Beer Nuts - Papier-mâché Dish

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Something funky to eat your beer nuts from as you're sinking beers. OR can be used as a statement decorative homeware. One-off design.

Details: Each papier-mâché piece has been created using off-cuts, mis-prints and excess luxe paper stock from other Sheridan Eveline paper-based items; with the intention to minimise waste. Sustainable decor babeh! Papier-mâché pieces are hand-painted with premium satin acrylic paint; then double-sealed with Mod Podge. Please note that due to their hand-made and hand-painted nature, each piece will look non-identical to the photographed examples. This simply adds to the charm of each piece!

Special Note: Yes, all papier-mâché pieces have been sealed. You may put light snacks such as chips and lollies in the bowls and dishes. But it is recommended to shy away from putting anything wet or hot into the dishes. At the end of the day, the products are still made from paper. To clean: simply wipe down with a damp cloth and a little detergent or use a wet wipe. Please do not put in the dishwasher or immerse in liquid.

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