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FEED ME Ear Cuff 🖤 SASS - A Collab Collection by Meekz Contemporary Jewellery x Sheridan Eveline

FEED ME Ear Cuff 🖤 SASS - A Collab Collection by Meekz Contemporary Jewellery x Sheridan Eveline

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FEED ME Ear Cuff.

FEED ME is for the foodie gal. She’s not afraid to go back for seconds. Or thirds. Because food is life. She’ll pinch chips from your plate. And she’ll always finish her meal; never leaving leftovers for any male. Double patty burgers, pasta and pizza are on heavy rotation.

One of four unique ear cuff designs, we hope you love FEED ME!


About The SASS Collab Collection.

SASS 🖤 A statement contemporary jewellery collection of ear cuffs for the sassy girl who loves coffee, food and wine. A collab collection by Brisbane creatives Sheridan Eveline and Meekz Contemporary Jewellery. Sheridan’s emotive lines and words, encompassing sassy attitude combine with Meekz’s traditional silversmithing techniques to create one of a kind statement pieces that can be worn every day.

SASS ear cuffs are sold as individual units. You can mix and match the designs across the collection. You might decide to wear a “Her” (the textured patterned design) on your left ear, and a “Feed Me” on your right ear. Alternatively you might want to wear just one cuff and pair it with a simple stud earring on the opposite side. Part of the charm of the SASS ear cuff range is that it’s for you to create your own style.

SASS ear cuffs are handmade in Brisbane from recycled brass and sterling silver and are ridiculously lightweight – so much so, you’ll forget you’re wearing them! The main design area of the ear cuff is brass (0.8mm) or sterling silver (whichever is selected); with the ear cuff post being sterling silver (0.8mm round wire x 10mm) across all designs. SASS ear cuffs measure approximately 54mm tall and 11mm wide and have been carefully designed to comfortably suit ears of all shapes. To wear, simply pop the post of the ear cuff through your lower ear lobe piercing then hook the top cuff around the helix area of your ear. You may gently pinch the cuff to help comfortably hook the piece to your ear. But you only need a little pinch!

The brass etching comes with a black sharpie finish. The sharpie is a surface treatment that can wear out over time, revealing the metal below. This is exacerbated if cleaned too much, so it is recommended to only clean when necessary. Should you wish to have them re-sharpied after the black has worn away, please get in contact.   

SASS ear cuffs are very durable but care should be taken due to their handmade nature. SASS collection pieces are designed to show off the scratch marks and dints in the materials - this is a feature of the product and in no way a fault.

SASS ear cuffs come boxed in designer recycled packaging.


Care Instructions.

For Brass: Using the 180 grit sandpaper provided, gently sand the front of the ear cuff to remove any finger prints or unwanted marks. Please note: once sanded, the ear cuff will be raw; so avoid touching the surface until air (oxygen) has started tarnishing it again.

For Sterling Silver: Sterling silver can be polished using a dry microfibre cleaning cloth. Alternatively, use the sandpaper provided. 



SASS pieces are handmade to order and are created within 2-3 weeks of an order being placed. Please also allow for postage on top of this. Once your order has been posted, you will receive tracking information.

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