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Snack Savings - Card Wallet

Snack Savings - Card Wallet

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Card wallet for those who like to spend their hard-earned cash on snacks. This fella is listed as "Pre-Order" and without a product photo BAH-COZ I sold it at my recent markets; before I got a chance to photograph it! I've got all the stock ready to go, so can make a newbie as soon as an order comes through. It's all gravy baby!

Details: Handmade card wallet sewn using re-purposed vinyl off-cuts and hand-painted with premium satin acrylic paint. Please note that due to their hand-made and hand-painted nature, each piece will look non-identical to the photographed examples. This simply adds to the charm of each piece!

Special Note: Sheridan Eveline card wallets are made to house plastic bank cards and folded note money. Business cards may not fit. Just a wee FYI. These wallets have been designed and created for those who like to carry the bare minimum and have things that easily fit in pockets.

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